Dolls and Needlework

So much love for this fabric <3 Corset for Cerisedolls MSD <3

Waiting for a shipment of pretty vintage lace so I can finally finish these Art Corsets for Ldoll <3 Luckily, there is still a month(she said, while trying not to think about it XD)to get them all pretty and finished, so have some progess photo’s in the mean time <3

The first one, with the goldwork, is Minifee sized, the rest are all going to be for Super Gem <3

freakstylebjd asked: I want to thank Raouken for being an amazing person and good friend. Your work is stellar! Keep tempting me to buy your corsets (and to take up embroidery myself ;)).



Aaawwwhhh, this makes me feel all fuzzy and happy! :D Thank you, both for the nice words and for being such an inspiring artist yourself! :D I can’t wait to make ridiculously elaborate dresses for my own Eve <3

..Also, you knów you want that Jacobean embroidered screen panel, so you’d better start embroidering! ;)

Love how this one came out <3 Maybe it’s because I’m mainly still working on SD corsets for Ldoll(and you always want to do something that’s not in the planning at the moment xD), but I’m having so much fun making these Minifee corsets <3

In typical last-month-before-a-con franticness, I decided to go with pastel coloured outfits for my dolls on the booth after all, so this little corset is up for sale in the shop XD

Art Corset for Cerisedolls classic body, handembroidered with blue silk on a handmade bobbin lace ground &lt;3 Preview for Ldoll :D

Art Corset for Cerisedolls classic body, handembroidered with blue silk on a handmade bobbin lace ground <3 Preview for Ldoll :D

A new sweet purple and pink corset, for Minifee <3 I love how romantic and sweet she looks in this…

In progress Art Line corsets for Ldoll <3 I think I’m in love with the needlepainted one..it’s for Cerisedolls size, I think my own Ombre needs one as well *_*




Trying to get in contact with the face-up artist who’s had my Glorydoll Louis and Cerisedolls Ombre since early June, since she said she’d send pictures of them, but that was almost a month ago and there’s been no message, no reply to my messages, nothing..so now I’m sending messages through…

I think I might know who you mean and if it’s indeed her then I’m sure you will get your heads back :). She has never lost or not-sent back any heads. She just takes some time to answer messages. Pm me in flickr or somewhere and I’ll give you her email address if we are talking about same person (if you don’t have that already).

Thank you so much, I received your message on Etsy and I’ve send her an email, I feel a lot more at ease now and more confident that I’ll get them back <3 This is the first time I’m sending out heads for a face-up and I have no idea if this is normal, haha! Thank you <3

And thank you to the other people who responded, too! You are all so sweet <3