Dolls and Needlework

More and better pictures will come when I’m less zombified, but hey, have a wall of corsets! ;)

Back from Ldoll! Phew, so tired! We got up super early to get from Lyon to Groningen(where I live-all the way up north in the Netherlands)today, but now I’m home surrounded by my bunnies and my very spoiled dolls. It was amazing! :D Met so many wonderful people, my booth went very well and I’m so happy with how the corset display came out. My sister took a whole bunch of pictures with my camera, so photo’s will come later! :D First, food and sleep and bunny cuddling xD

To everyone who was there, thank you for making this Ldoll absolutely amazing <3 I can’t wait to see all of you next year again! :D

Art Corset for Salomé, with needlepainted flowers <3 It’s made for Silk herself, so it won’t be for sale(unless she decides to sell it xD), but when my own Eve arrives I’ll be sure to make corsets for this body for the shop, it’s so much fun to sew for <3

Ugh, I just made a whole post and Tumblr ate it! Again, I’m reminded why I prefer working with needle and thread over computers..anyway! Because Ldoll is aaaaalmost there, I updated my website :D …Do I have a website? Yes I do! XD I just don’t tend to update it very often because, well, I dislike computer work…but I did update it just now, so here it is —->http://www.raouken.com/<——

I mainly use it as a gallery for corsets and outfits and embroidery and such :) All of the Art Line corsets for Ldoll that I photographed are on there now, I didn’t photograph all of them, because there should still be some surprises ;) But most of them are on there now, if you want to see what will be available :) If it’s for Ldoll, it will say ‘available at Ldoll 2014’.

So…now to pack everything up, and clean my atelier, and hug my bunnies one more time, and then tomorrow we’re leaving! So excited! See you there! :D

Only a few more days until we’re leaving for Ldoll! I don’t know if I saved the best of the Art Corsets to share with you for last, but this is one of my favorites and it was certainly the most timeconsuming! It’s a long corset for Cerisedolls Classic body, made of golden silk and completely embroidered with green silk thread and needlelace, and decorated with vintage lace <3

A very autumn-ish Minifee corset <3 Made of orange-brown silk with needlepainted hand embroidery flowers on the front panel and on the hips :D For Ldoll, of course ;)

Three Goldwork embroidery corsets for Cerisedolls Classic bodies <3 I love how the same technique on the same doll can still look so different, it’s why I love embroidery <3

Also for Ldoll, of course ^_^ (Honestly, I’m happy Ldoll is next week, so I can finally make things and nót say ‘it’s for Ldoll’! XD And of course because Ldoll is amazing and I’m really looking forward to it <3)

Art Corset for Ldoll, for Soom Super Gem size <3 Somehow, I think this will look super pretty on that grey Amber Soom is bringing to Ldoll *_* I love this purple and beige combination <3

Silk handembroidered Soom Super Gem corset

Made a little hand quilted bonnet for my Elles to wear with her outfit on my Ldoll booth <3

A Goldwork corset for Cerisedolls, for Ldoll <3 I just love how sweet this one came out :D

I’m working now on lacing all the corsets for Ldoll up with their own ribbons and attach labels with size and price to them, and put them in a little bag for transit..which is not that much work, except there are really hundreds of corsets to be done! I’ve been working on preparing Ldoll since december, and it shows XD Maybe I got a little too enthusiastic..xD